Hello !

We are BITCHCRAFT, anarcha-queer collective from Bruss'Hells.
Friends sharing values who decided to work together in order to create events that are both artistic and political.
While focusing on queers, trans and women, we don't want to exclude anyone, as long as we share common ideas in respect.
We also define ourselves as D.I.Y., vegan, anti-capitalist, feminist, sex positive, happy freaks, amongst others subjects.
For more informations about who we are and the values we defend, please check our manifesto here.


We've been organizing parties in Brussels, where many types of artistic expressions are mixed in a happy and safe environment. (Some traces here)
Smaller shows also take place more often, but to keep the original magic unique we name them Bitchcrush.

In addition to our main activities, we also created a mobile alcohol-free bar that we run together during shows or festivals. Everything is on donation, and the money earned helps the collective organizing events and inviting artists. A detailed presentation of the bar on this page.

Enjoy your visit !

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The bitchcrew.